Gunung Kawi

Gunung Kawi


gunung kawi 1Gunung Kawi is a Hindu Temple complex with old omission from the stone era located in Gianyar regency. Based on the inscription of Tengkulak A on 945 saka (Balinese calendar) which is released by Marakata King, the ancient omission complex is located at the Pekerisan River then it is called Katyangan Amarawati. Pekerisan River is also named by Jalu which is according to the inscription chiseled on the above of the biggest temple door sound ‘Haji Lumahing Jalu’.

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Gunung Kawi Temple in Bali by backpackies

Gunung Kawi Temple in Bali by backpackies

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Gunung Kawi located in Tampaksiring within the Gianyar Regency is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bali. Surrounded by lush green terraced rice fields and palm trees is a hidden valley just beside the river.The amazing 2 storey rock sculptures that are carved right into the stone are enough to get you staring in awe. Legends has it that the entire rock complex was carved out of the rock face in just one night by the mighty fingernails of Kebo Iwa.

(A short hike from the ticketing entrance, passing through green paddy fields and souvenir shops) Gunung Kawi is a Hindu Temple Complex dating back to the stone era. Built along the Perkerisan River, this 10th century complex is made up of pavilions and rock cut shrines that are carved into the hillside. Gunung Kawi is a sacred place for the Balinese people. Gunung Kawi is the largest…

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Candi Gunung Kawi: A Shrouded Grandeur

Candi Gunung Kawi: A Shrouded Grandeur

What an Amazing World!

The Rice Terraces in Tampaksiring The Rice Terraces in Tampaksiring

The hot and humid air greets us as we get off the car and leave the comfort of air conditioner behind. We are in Tampaksiring, the same area that I visited in 2011 to see Pura Tirta Empul – the temple of replenishment. But this time we head to an even more ancient place, through more than 300 steps down the valley. A moment before we go down, the scenic view of Balinese rice terraces catches our attention. Alexander and I grab our cameras and stand right at the edge of a cliff to capture the beauty of the ripening rice paddies below.

Before we even go further down the steps, a rock-cut gateway welcomes us to the verdant valley, a reminiscence of the ingenuity of mankind to outsmart the nature. On the bottom of the steps, Pakerisan River flows calmly through the lush valley…

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Indonesia, Bali, PURA GUNUNG KAWI

Pura Gunung Kawi

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Pura Gunung Kawi




A turnoff to the east of the mainroad in Tampaksiring village leads to the Gunung Kawi, (the ‘mountain of the poets’) and its Royal Tombs. More conspicious than any neighboring mountain the name might refer to is the Pakerisan valley, one of Bali’s most beautiful landscapes. The first view of the area comes from a steep footpath descending into a sunken passage and a fortress-like gateway, both cut from the solid rock. Solid rock is the one and only material used for shaping Gunung Kawi’s rock-cut candis, cloisters and niches, effectively enclosed by the ravine’s walls.




The Gunung Kawi complex consist of two rows of rock-cut candis. It has one row of four directly to the left after the gateway and one of five on the opposite riverside. South-east of the four is a cloister (patapan) consisting of courtyards, rooms…

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Gunung Kawi

Gunung Kawi

Blissful Trails

Gunung Kawi is located in Tampak Siring in Bali. It is famous with the ancient relics including old temple that looks like a tombstone, Hindu Temple and an ancient miniature of old Balinese living concept made from the stones. The complex is surrounded with scenic rice terraces. The green panoramic views of rice field with the breeze of tropical atmosphere are the additional perks why this became a tourist destination. This place is visited by tourists every day despite its location far enough from the parking area passing through the stairs surrounded by the beautiful rice terraces.

We arrived to Tampak Siring after a 20 minutes drive from Ubud. It was already late afternoon – one of the best times to go there and also ideal for taking pictures and sinking in the astonishing scenery. The entrance fee to Gunung Kawi is around 6000 Rp and the friendly lady at the entrance…

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